Monday, April 19, 2010

(Sat 17/4/10) S8 to 1Cafe to S8

Sat 17/4/10 S88 to 1Cafe & back to S8
Both of my thighs still hurt today. Last Saturday we started cycling from S8 around 6pm & reach 1 cafe near Chowkit around 50 minutes later. Right after we got into the motorbike lane the rain started to fall & we took shelter with other motorcyclists under the bridge. Lightning & thunderstorm was on top of us. When it started to drizzle we continue back our journey. Going uphill was a sheer torture on a fixie & i get jealous looking at them free gears coasting or glide effortlessly downhill. I guess not many cars on the road on Saturday if to compare on normal weekdays but still they were like missiles you have to avoid & giving a hand signal can really save lives.

Sweat was pouring like a wild river, i remember swallowing some back in. 100plus was dancing on my mind. At 1cafe there were plenty of other riders. Sitting down still breathing heavily & sweating profusely while enjoying the bike scenery, bundles of them parking right outside the cafe. Most of them locally assembled & some of them clearly ordered from somewhere over the seas.

Besides cycling another reason was to check out the gig. Overall the bands were ok, Saw them playing before but Crimescene gave everyone something to remember especially the organizers or the pub owner. Bought a couple of zines & meet the regulars & some were really wasted.

Cycling back home wasn't so bad either, same thing it was drizzling all the way back to S8. At night there were less cars on the road which i felt much safer & again some parts of the road was real torture especially uphill, you can tell if its uphill when suddenly you thigh giving you the throbbing signal. I was literally breathing straight from the lungs itself plus we haven't had any dinner.

It was 12am that we got back home & crash at the mamak for dinner+supper. Good thing it wasn't a thunderstorm and riding in the drizzling rain & getting all wet was really good. Now i'm contemplating of getting another (gear) bike which maybe a good idea for a long distance cycling. Make car history(hopefully).

My bike wasn't assembled 100% accurately due to human error. This uncle succeeded in doing some minor corrective surgery now she's one happy post-op & living her life to the fullest.


jun said...

a nice bike-journal entry... i've never bicycled such long distances before.... but it seems gears are very important for this especially uphill/downhill... hrmmm..... hope your thighs will be very nice and toned after more of such sessions :D

Shiekoreto said...

thanks Jun,
i got this itch to write & draw about it here, just something to tell...

& i just came back from subang or near sunway but its not that far if to compare to chow kit that day, yeah some parts of this body needs to be tighten up a bit, after 30 everything starts sagging...not a pretty sight hehe (^_^)/