Monday, August 28, 2006

Singapore the 5th

The feeling of accidently saw your work being used in public & in another country is unbelievable! Character design/illustrations for Starhub Singapore. Much thanks to Cheuk!!
せんしゅうまつ わたしのイラストレーションが シンガポールで見ることができました!!ほんとうにびっくり!!!ありがとうございました、チウックさん!うれしい!うれしい!

'Watch Ippei Gyoubu's characters come to live!!'
'Polypunk10 x MaiUeda is ready for dload'

Sunday, August 20, 2006

つぎKLPAC mural !!!!

1 week after National Art Gallery, me & VDS did the KLPac center mural. Tired as hell...and this morning i was there again sweating like tapwater teaching the kids to draw cute characters for the 1st time in my life! Thanksgods everything's over now.


*KLPAC-KLPerformance Art Center
*Artwork title 'The River Symphony' about water conservation awareness.
*The band Milky Way is my imaginary street Jazz band inspired from MrScruff music

'bit more on the flickr'
Bg music:Festivo-KeiichiSuzuki(Zatoichi soundtrack.),The Strokes-The end has no end

Friday, August 18, 2006

SWS on Ntv7

It surely feels weird to be on Tv. Me & VDS & 2 other fine art artists Shukri & Ummi were on the NTV7 breakfast show yesterday morning talking about the 'Arts & Earth' event & our part in participating in the event. Me & VDS is going to have live demo on this Saturday at 3pm & Sunday teaching kids to draw characters. More weirdness to come. I'm not sure how to teach the kids & TV3 is going to have this coverage. Not the tv again...much thanks to Perez for taking the pix! haha!
*Anybody knows how to get rid of the fat on the arms?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

49th Merdeka mural National Art Gallery

The experience doing the mural was quite interesting cuz this is our 1st time using scaffolding climb up & down to paint. Feels like doing the rock climbing thing & a bit like monkeys too.
Well, the proposal i wrote for the mural 2 years ago was answered recently. They called us, come up with something & we did. The wave represents the wave of change since Malaysia's 1st independence while the puzzle represent unity amongs many Malaysian races. They want to put 100 things inside which is quite madness but eventually cut down to only heritage,africulture,development,unity,sports,education,imagination & technology


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Mini exhibition at Kayosensei party

They called the army or soldiers, GOON!/GUN!

It was a fun headstart for the weekend. I brought the sensei to William for the Spaggehti Meatball!!! & they were quite impressed. ラッキ でしょお! & then lepak(ブラブラ!) at her house. I'm was quite feverish at this moment & still feel abit giddy. The next day i brought her to the National Art Gallery showing her where me & friends are painting the big mural. More update on the mural soon!!! Gambare!!!!
カヨせんせい へ、うちのとまりにありがとうございました!たのしかったよ!

いそがしい!いそがしい!/ busy!

'Japanese ABC'
'Shift 117'