Monday, April 05, 2010

MAP Arts Fest 2

'MAP Art Fest'
Opening of “Once Upon a Time in Malaysia” group art exhibition curated by Arteri
Arteri presents the launch of the MAP arts space with a group exhibition “Once Upon a Time in Malaysia”. Drawing upon the popular medium of story-telling, it features emerging artists from Malaysia, looking at how the diversity of the Malaysian narrative shape the way we understand ourselves and one another. The 28-artist exhibition will showcase works by some of the most established names in the Malaysian art world such as Wong Hoy Cheong, Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Ahmad Fuad Osman, Hamir Soib. In addition to this, a large part of the exhibition will also be dedicated for the introduction of emerging talents such as Samsudin Wahab, Shieko Reto, Saiful Razman, Phuan Thai Meng, Melissa Lin, Poodien, Rahmat Haron and Ilham Fadhli.

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