Monday, May 08, 2006

Rumah sakit candidate

There are so many kinds of pain in this world. Broken bones, accidents, labour pain, broken hearted, didn't win a pitch, didn't get paid on time, ridiculous deadlines & one of them is to pay bills. Car loan, phone bills, internet bills, upload phone credits & i dedicated to do all that in one day, one shot, today. It's so painful to do it all simultaneously. Plus the 'pretending-not-to-notice' spending like carpark, toll, & the more expensive fuel recently. It's like receiving nonstop 186 combo hits from your opponent if you're playing street fighter video game. I guess it comes in a package when you're born into this world. The only way out is to die or stay alone in an island without electricity & phone lines or move to other countries & be a homeless person & use the welfare money to stay alive.

Here's a nice moment to forget all the above,..staring at the rain pouring down & the neon lights..
Rainy Bestari 1

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