Thursday, April 08, 2010

beware of cars

Bike hunting & assembling. Buying a bicycle & using it is also a political move, a choice & an ideology to push for it as a main transport & everyday use & of course also for health benefits. hopefully its not just a pipe dream for some of the cyclists here who's using it as their main transportation. we definitely want this city to become or at least bicycle friendly city.

Few days back we went for bike hunting. 1st the 'Gwcycle' shop in Shah Alam (got lost & went through a thunder storm before we reached the place), at least we got 2 happy cyclists who got their bikes there.They carry mostly used, imported bicycle mostly from Japan & another 1 is from 'here' also used & imported Japanese bike. I couldn't find mine, at least i've to see the bike in front of my eyes or test it before purchase. Some friends recommended the ABC bike shop & it is the perfect place, i heard many ppl around the country come to this place even international cyclists. The bike connoisseur who put a bike together in a few hours according to your needs or what he thinks is right for you and also fix everything bicycle. In a couple of hours & its done & its locally made. (^_^)


Su Keats said...

yay for gettin your bike from ABC

we were tossing up between that gunmetal grey one you got and lynda's black frame.

i liked the gunmetal, but she wanted the black one.


Shiekoreto said...

yea,thx! very beautiful dark chromia, i was attracted to it like flies to the light~!!