Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BalaiSeniNegara x Pavillion + CNY = Graffjam09

BalaiSeniNegara x Pavillion + CNY = Graffjam09

Organised by 'Balai Seni Negara' & Pavillion for the KL Chinese New Year open house. a good start for 2009.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

ride a bicycle

Part of 'Maya Hayuk's interview' by enginesystem which i find very useful.

5) What sort of advice would you give to an artist trying to live the dream (painting for a living)?

1. set your priorities. if you want stability and need to own fancy things and drive a fancy car, etc…if those things matter - find the kind of career in art where you get a paycheck on a stable basis. if you actually enjoy the taste of ramen noodles and hate alarm clocks and thrive on really not knowing what’s going to happen next, then dedicate yourself to your studio and treat it like a full time job.

2. make art with the hopes that one person will like it - like, make stuff with a specific person in mind. don’t expect that everyone will like it, either. share your work with other artists and learn to collaborate.

3. remember that neither life nor art are a competition. if you find other people with like minded spirit who you can work with, you are so much better off than living alone in a high tower.

4. when it comes to prefoessional relationships, don’t ever let anyone not pay you for a project in trade of “‘exposure”. trades are cool, but don’t get taken advantage of - it’s actually really amazing how many people hope that artists will make them free designs that they themselves profit off it - it’s kind of pathetic. and, inversely, don’t ever pay to have your art shown. do not enter contests or put your work into publications, websites, etc that charge an entry fee.

5. ride a bicycle.