Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Nofx Kl Msia



When i got the music, i got a place to gooooo

So long and thanks for all the shoes...

It was unbelievable. For kids like us whos been listening to them since S&M, Ribbed until the recent Wolves album, its the best thing that happen for this year 07. It was dream came through...

Organizer:"It was stated in our contract & Nofx contract that you cant take any pictures during the concert. Then one of the Nofx roadie went to the front stage & talked to the mic, "No actually we love the cameras" The crowd release a massive Boo's to the organizer dude, his face turned to a fossilised piece of turd. Priceless.

Fatmike: "Rancid is not going to come here so we're going to play one of their song" ...and so they play their cover version of Rancid "Radio". Priceless.
Fatmike: "Bad religion is not going to come to KL, and so we're gona play one of their song" and they play Weregonadiefromourarrogance. Priceless.

They play 2 or 3 good songs from each of their album which is all the good ones. I cant describe how superb the atmosphere was. IT was fun all the way, most of the crowd sang most of their songs & circle pit was formed.Me & Dan got so excited after the gig we sms each other our fav songs hahaha...unvelievable...i still cant believe that they came all the way down here for the Asian tours.Who the hell gona come here? Bad Religion? Mad Caddies? Swinging Utters? Rancid? hell no...Dylan dear, wish you were here, singing their Rancid version together...too bad...