Monday, January 11, 2010

Everything's going to be alright

This event or maybe group performance was made in conjunction with the 4th church being attack by unknown individual or coward useless entity. The event started at Bukit Bintang in front of Maybank and then move on to the Pavillion.
Some people were clueless and asking what is it about and some just walk pass by and smile after being given a flower... There's a police van park by the Pavillion entrance trying to shoo us away but Marina Mahathir was there explaining what and why we're doing the peaceful demo. Thank you Marina for the immunity. By today there are 8 churches being attacked in an attempt halfheartedly to set the sacred place ablaze. Is this place going to be a taliban country or jamban country?... both doesn't smell good, let's see what happen next. One after another stupid things happening pushing this country to a brand new low. Let's see what's coming up next...but to optimistic or halfhearted optimistic like me, "everythings is going to be alright!"

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Jeremy said...

It is time the youth come out and do things like this. Let's the kick the old farts out of their Putrajaya offices.