Sunday, January 03, 2010


it was 7:45pm, i was walking about (a failed effort towards jogging), a guy passed by on my right side while talking to his mobile quite loudly "you doing your family thing?" it's 1st Jan 2010 everywhere all around the road was empty, only few signs of movement here and there, probably not zombies but its a scene quite like any zombie movies i've seen, like a deserted town, every shops was closed...back to the guy who just passed by, i figured he might feel a little lonely & was calling his friend for a dinner but his hope was shattered to pieces by the "dinner with family"...i wish i could turn my head and shout Hey!, let's have a drink..." but Mien have already ordered the pizza, hmmm...haven't had that healthy meal for ages...

Nothing much on 1st Jan 2010, my horoscope tells me the year of the tiger will bring far reaching changes for everyone...isn't it the same every year?
they just edit the words here and there. Now who's behind this horoscope-scam?!

We had pizza for dinner & was watching Dr.Who season 1,..i've seen most of the season except season 1 but today i've completed season 1, yes! what an accomplishment for the start of the year! After that we're watching Life on Mars, another one of good BBC series. What captured me between these 2 programs are both of the show's main characters mention the same line which stuck in my head. Now what are the odds of watching these 2 shows and both of their lead actors mention the same line? "have a wonderful life" said both of the lead actors to the other 2nd-lead actresses in both of the shows,...and so i shall take this as a good message, and to everyone who's reading this "Have a wonderful life!" in 2010!

'This year you will...'

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