Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Permission to narrate

Currently there's an exhibition at the petronas gallery at KLCC titled
(The Independence Project - Contemporary Spaces in Malaysia and Australia) 7 Aussie and 7 Malaysian artists exhibiting their work,...i was invited by Zehra Ahmed,representing the Boatpeople crew from Sidney, to collaborate with her for her video work titled "permission to narrate", i was at the gallery for 2 days, spraying stuff. The opening is today at 6pm. More info 'here' & 'here'.Dropby if free. Much thx to Ise,Zehra,Sam & curators. The pakistani dude in the pix is breakdancing to the beatbox.

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Muid Latif said...

ala..shieko tak ajak pun Muid... :(

anyway, happy new year.