Thursday, December 06, 2007

Colorful illustrations 93º


Yesterday, Haja bookstore dude dropby the ofis, the 1st book i took and the 1st page i flipped is my work! I almost jump off my jeans. How freakish is that?'Jimbo's work' is in as well.Published by Great Creativity organization from Hong Kong.

'Illustrations' 'Portfolio'


jimbo said...

nice work bossss

cutee said...

waaaa...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! happy for you...heheh

N . A . J said...

hehhh i still remember that 'orang wayang kulit' with the guitar!

Luc said...

hi Shiekoreto

Sorry to hear your work was stolen and plagiarized in this book too. Darren, from LCS, wrote to me about it this morning. No one ever told me they were going to use my work in this book, and I certainly didn't get any compensation.

Hopefully all the artists affected by this can work together to ensure the book at least gets pulled from bookstores. We need to stick together or this will happen more and more, with no regard to our copyrights and our work.

Luc Latulippe

Shieko said...

thanks for the note Luc!
really appreciate it

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