Sunday, January 14, 2007

massive 大

Massive Territory conference rocks. 2 artists/designers i look forward to from this conference was 'Niko' & '123k'. Obviously all speakers have good portfolios to show but only some stands out in terms of presentation. I was quite dissapointed Niko Stumpo couldn't make it here. Mrs Klor did mention Niko missed his flight, take another one but lost contact. They didn't know where he end up or gone to. That's interesting. Fast forward, cut short presentation wise
Opening by local multimedia/animation agency Saladin - Ok
Kustaa Saksi (Finland) - Ok
Chris Lee, CD of 'The Asylum' (Singapore) - excellent!
Kinetic (Singapore) - presentation ok, Nike football vending machine - exellent!
Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Lab (Japan) - excellent!
123Klan Scien & Klor (France) - excellent!
Joshua Davis (US) - Superb!

Wieden+Kennedy's work are awesome. The videoclips that they did, motion graphics & animation mixing Japanese culture & urban music/illustrations was visually stunning.

Save the best for last. Overall most attendees love Joshua Davis presentation, obviously he got so many years of experience presenting. Eventho a bit long but the audience paid close attention every single minute. He's the funniest & the presentation was really good. His experience working with the band Tool was hilarious & he was right about using our own resources for design elements which is right under the nose that we seldom see & moshi means vagina in German. So saying moshi moshi in Germany would turn some heads...

Meeting 'Scien' & 'Klor' is like dreams come true, they inspired me to start graffiti & but never expected to have met them here in KL. Very nice folks, asking their fans to add them to their myspace hehe.

overall i'm happy with the event. Thanks to sponsors especially
'Bigbrosworkshop' for organizing & bring all the amazing speakers here.

'Saladin' - 'Niko' - 'Wieden+Kennedy' - 'The Asylum' - '123klan' - 'Kinetic' - 'KustaaSaksi' - 'Joshua Davis'


aishoz said...

i got to see W+K (Amstersdam) and Josh Davis at SemiPermanent in Sydney last year....
dat time TOOL belum released their new album lagi... gile terbeliak mata when i saw him in the same room with TOOL.... lucky bastard!

aishoz said...

shieks> u literally masked ur face with the masking tool eh

Shieko said...

he must be showing the same video, i think. Did he show Tool's studio toilet? hahahahahahaha

Today we took the guys around at Batu Caves, he's a fun guy to have around, seriously...

haha yes, i was about to do shadings but there's no point...