Thursday, January 11, 2007

Agency 会社についてイラスト

everyday problem, deciding on what to eat.

copywriter's blues

agency haiku:
asa kara asa made hataraku,
mainichi,youfukashi,hontou ni ganbaro,
okanesan ga mada mienai kamo

This morning MissT introduce me to 'Si Chi Ko', her favourite photographer. I enjoyed reading 'his life journey.

Every 'Butterfingers' gig i went, they kicked serious ass, period. Last saturday they rocked Zouk and with the return of Loque, they are complete with more killer gorengs & powerful sound and the gig will continue next Saturday same place same time. Butter late than never!... god, i just love puns

'where you said you came from?'

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Kuronoir said...

Shieko San no Haiku wa suteki desu WA!

Shieko said...

haha, sono haiku wa aho ne aho...

aishoz said...

bodoh agency kartun lawak sial! hahahahaha
"brainstorm mana nak makan cepat deadline 230pm"

Shieko said...

hehe, seriously its becoming a problem...when someone says lets go for lunch then there's a brainstorming session for some 10 minutes - 1 hour before going...