Monday, October 02, 2006

Human© Rights®

Last weekend, i had 'Freedom Film Festival-FFF' marathon. It was quite an eye opening because the general theme was revolving around the basic human rights, Some you will never expected it happen & its the reality some have to face. I've missed some of the films & managed to catch the good ones as well, some of my favs are "The road to Guantenamo", ( the infamous 'Banksy' 'work'),Reframe,Darahku merah,Lost & Found,Zahari's 17 years, Paradise bus,Singapore GaGa,Twelve 11,The Boy who plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan & 18MPs. Overall all films are good but those are my favourites. The Invisible Children won the best documentary for this year submission. The documentary is about 9000 refugee children living in Malaysia without proper education & related issues surrounds it. 'Komas' did a good job organizing the event & the live performance by AzmylYunor & Mei Chen was awesome. I'm already looking forward for next year's one...didn't take much but here are some random shots:
せんしゅうまつきんようびからにちようびまでFreedomFilmFest-FFFをみにいきました。たくさんにろいろなじんけんについてのえいがをみました。ほんとうにおもしろうかったです。にんげんのげんじつにちょくめんしました。ぜんぶのえいがを見ることができなかったけど、みたえいがのなかにはいいえいががありました。The ’Road' to 'Guentanamo'とReframeとDarahkuMerahとLost&FoundとZahari's17yearsとParadiseBusとSingaporeGagaとTwelve11とThe Boy who plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyanと18MPsです.
今年いちばんになったえいがはTheInvincible Childrenです。Komasはいいしごとをしました。 AzmylYunorとMeiChanコンサートはすごいね。来年のFFFがたのしみです!。しゃしんをちょっとだけみてください。

Mei Chen photo courtesy of Komas

'Polypunk11 ready for dload'


aishoz said...

wah u can converse in japon alrdy! bestnye! btw rambut u dah panjang... hehe!

nice skateboard shot

Shieko said...

this is standard one level actually hehe...
yeah, maybe cut short later again!

thanks !!! Remember ye, double cheese nan! when ur back here!