Tuesday, January 18, 2011


“in 1949 there have a Chinese man hit the streets in Hong Kong. he use this way to tell public that his family was the king of this island. he name himself The King of Kowloon. he used to write his family tree names and history on the street wall,Electricity box,pole. etc…
his life survive by collect scraps, also he lived in a small room which full of scraps..he was be put in an insane asylum for his graffiti on streets in the 70s,until a doctor just come back from U.S and saw graffiti there then know what he doing,the doctor set him free..

The King of Kowloon left this planet last year, but he leave many works on his streets,if you lucky, you still can see his work in Hong Kong which be protected by the government now,after he dead.

an Electricity box which have his writing on the surface can be auctioned for 150000 d by art dealer. but its nothing to do with him,even maybe he don’t know the name of Graffiti which be speculation by the business system now..cause He just the King of Kowloon.”

'the king of kowloon' via 'faith47'

'HK mourns graffiti king'

'via artcrimes'

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Hail tha King!