Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cracks in the wall#5 (C)





back cover

Cracks in the wall #5
I bought this zine during 'zinefest' last July with couple of other zines but just finished reading it yesterday. Probably because of the nice rainy weather outside.

This is definitely the zine im going to carry around when travelling. Some parts related to the Fifth Estate article in my previous post. The part where when human detached themselves from nature & couple of other stuff (media,information,ideas,economy,politics,history,environment & basically life) which in a way relevant to the world we live in today, at this moment & time regardless which country you're coming from. I've asked Andy for his permission to scan & distribute & put it here since its a Anti-copyright, read & share copy & spread note behind the zine.

It's well written, not too heavy & the most interesting part is the cut & paste cartoon with re-written dialogue & his cheeky hand-drawn cartoon as well. It's a bit wordy but find a good time away from any disturbance, turn off the phone to fully enjoy this zine & i can imagine his voice reading it to me. Good read! <3


Anonymous said...

hey i hang out with this kid hes my friend and hes awesome-any way you gotta request his drawing zines you gotta see them for real big black and white stuff-i am telling you-i also to zines-so thanks for reviewing and scanning my friends zines up the punks-love across the world happiness peace friends gardens

Anonymous said...

^how could i contact the person that wrote this? i've owned this since 2006 and have really appreciated the insights.