Monday, June 21, 2010

Hitchhiking pt4 Ipoh - Gopeng

Hitchhiking pt3 Ipoh - Gopeng
hitchhiking from KL > Kkb > Tg Malim > Ipoh > Gopeng > Kampar > Tapah > Bidor > Sungkai > KL with Mimi,Gaga,Hehe & Koko

The bus stopped at the main road. Like the bus conductor said "from here it's just 3km walk to the cave (Gua Tempurung)". We asked a local & she said with a tone like you must be out of you bloody mind to walk there. By now we've noticed that time & distance varies depends on the people & the place where they're coming from. We walk quite a bit until this pakcik who's riding on an old kapchai stopped by & ask. Without a second thoughts Gaga is already happily hop on the bike & out of sight in no time. All of us reach our destination safely regardless what's the worse thing could happen that's been playing around our heads. In an infinite green thickness of the jungle anything can happen.

Like i told everybody about the trip. The cave was like Lord of the rings meet Harry porter. It's an exaggeration but magical. There are some drawings from the communists army who's using it as their camp. It's a an elaborate drawings of an assasination plan of Henry Gurney. Google.

From Gua Tempurung to Kelly's Castle we get to ride on an old pakcik's beat up van, It's his main transportation & for his fishing trip. It was a bumpy ride all the way but we enjoyed it. It's a 2 in 1 body,mind & soul massage & point A to B van.

There's nothing in Kelly's castle, don't go there. From Kelly's castle we're hitchin a ride on another photography studio van which heading back to KL. It was a bit cramped with all the camera equipments but enough space for 4 of us to cuddles inside & enjoy the view from the back window. They drop us at Tapah. Another small colonial left overs town. Thanks for the ride guys, by now i've forgotten their names but i remember that strange blue contacts one of the guys was wearing. If i'm not mistaken its blue in colour & its pupil is like cats eyes, it hard not to stare long enough. They were eager to know about our journey & was asking if we have a facebook account.


wm said...

looks fun. The misadventure with our public amenities & providers during travels. Shows we still have a long way to go.

*I need to be out of town myself.

safe journey dude!

Cigarette Sally said...

Looks amazing!!!!