Friday, March 19, 2010

VORTEX featuring Mike Cooper, C-drík aka Kirdec & Shaun The MindFuckingBoy

'VORTEX featuring Mike Cooper, C-drík aka Kirdec & Shaun The MindFuckingBoy'

'Mike Cooper (Italy)'
For the past 40 years Mike Cooper has been an international musical explorer, performing and recording, solo and in a number of inspired groupings and a variety of genres. Initially a folk-blues guitarist and singer songwriter his work has diversified to include improvised and electronic music, live music for silent films, radio art and sound installations. He is also a music journalist, writing features for magazines, particularly on Pacific music and musicians, a visual artist, film and video maker, collector of Hawaiian shirts and appears on more than 60 records to date.

'C-drík aka Kirdec (Belgium)'
I'm a musician, producer and sometimes gig organizer and dj who was born in the so-called Democratic Republic of Congo (ex-Zaire) during the 20th century when people thought the 21st century would look like a science-fiction world (in fact it is but most people don't see it).
I'm of Greek, Zairian and Belgian descent. Not white, nor black, for some I look like what people call in French "un quarteron" (something you could translate by "a quadroon" in English but the meaning is slightly different), for some I look like an Arab, for some I look like a Malay or an Indonesian, for some like a gay [ah, well, you know a guy full of make-up and wearing a skirt...] for some like a punk for some like a girl so at least I'm supposed to be something called a human : I have one head, two arms, two legs, a body and all the rest.

'Shaun The MindFuckingBoy (Singapore)'
Shaun Sankaran alias Mindfuckingboy is one of the pioneering harsh noise artists in Singapore. His music is a catharsis of emotions, a purge of self and an expression of those intimacies that are denied words. Since 2003, he has performed in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom as well as neighbouring Asian countries like Malaysia, Philippines and recently Indonesia. Shaun also plays guitars for /Elekore/ together with C-drik Fermont from Belgium and Marc Chia (One Man Nation). Shaun received his B.A. in Recording Arts from Middlesex University, UK. His latest release, a self titled album, is an ode to the kind of noise that reminds the listener that there is a connection between matter and abstraction, that noise is not “noisy” as much as stimulating.