Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn

Film Screening
Fri 5 Feb, 8pm
Presented by The Annexe Gallery & Friends
Wiith the support of Central Market
Admission by RM2 donation

In celebration of the life and work of Howard Zinn who passed away recently, The Annexe Gallery & Friends are delighted to present a screening of “Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train (2004)”.

The documentary, directed by Deb Ellis and Dennis Mueller, looks at the amazing life of the renowned historian, activist and author. Following his early days as a shipyard labor organizer and bombardier in World War II, Zinn became an academic rebel and leader of civil disobedience in a time of institutionalized racism and war. His influential writings shone light on and became a voice to factory workers, immigrant laborers, African Americans, Native Americans and the working poor.

Noam Chomsky, who claims that Zinn "changed the consciousness of a generation," is featured in several interviews, along with Marian Wright Edelman, Alice Walker, Tom Hayden, Daniel Ellsberg, and Zinn himself. The documentary also features rare archival footage.

78 mins. English. Narrated by Matt Damon. Featuring music by Pearl Jam, Woody Guthrie & Billy Bragg.



Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922 – January 27, 2010) was an American historian, author, activist, playwright, intellectual and Professor of Political Science at Boston University from 1964 to 1988. He wrote more than 20 books, which included his best-selling and influential “A People's History of the United States”. Zinn also wrote extensively about the civil rights, civil liberties and anti-war movements.

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