Friday, July 24, 2009

Tebabo is Pop x 2

August 09 Juice magazine, KL

Te•Ba•Bo• |Te-ba-bo |
The colloquial word for Big Bang Theory.
Te•Ba•Bo• |Te-ba-bo |
The colloquial sign for evolution in art,design and life...yes i just made that up



art:tech said...

shit. siryes cool gila!

A Girl said...

Hi Sheiko! I'm trying to e-mail you but can't seem to find ur contact!

I am from a movement called Creative United Movement ( which are really fun, spontaneous events.

We'll we're putting another one in 2 weeks time on the 6th Aug (Thurs) at Palate Palette and we really would love to have you as one of our guest artist!

Here is how it works:

Three artists.

Painting live to the beats of a DJ.

For one night, where everything is free-form and the keyword is spontaneity.

Where the go-getters and opinionated ones of the creative industry meet in a completely informal, unpretentious atmosphere. No egos needed. Just pure fun, chilled out inspiration and social mingling that could spark off your next project or collaboration. By invitation only.

Last year we had Mun Kao, Zazi and Blink as artist and on decks was Twilight Action girl.

What's different about this year's event is that we are using recycled make up! At the moment we have put our recycled make up bins at Palate-Palette, Shoes, Shoes Shoes.. and possibly tying up with Loreal as well...

So let us know if you are on board with us with this! We think you'll be fab for this.

Can e-mail me at :)

Thanks so much! Mel

Ed said...

I really like your colour combo. But your tamil, chinese and jawi characters, nampak macam sama ..