Friday, March 02, 2007

ゲエ〜ツ!!!! funky nausea

Now in Singapore preparing for a group exhibition on graffiti throw-ups at "Scape", National Youth Council is opposite of Orchard Cineplex.. The opening is this Friday 9th of March 7pm. I'll be joining the talented Sg writers SprayTwoGeorge & Traseone. What makes this exhibition different than the previous one is so far i didnt see any use of spraycans...

Much thx to "Jimbo" for "Mindgame", its the most mindblowing anime ive seen so far from STUDIO4℃, seriously i cant put it into words. Next anime to look out for is by Satoshi Kon who directed TokyoGodfather coming soon called "Paprika".Watch out for it.



Bigcityb said...

wei, i was in sing on twenty something feb and will be there again twenty something march. either dates, i will miss you. will sign on the auto book when i visit. good luck

Shieko said...

thanks!, National Youth Council's building is covered top to bottom with graffiti, you wont miss it. I might be here again on 24th for the talk but not sure yet...and
the whole exhibition have more impact at night of the opening!

....have a safe trip!

Bigcityb said...

By the way, where is NYC?