Friday, February 02, 2007

Tacky junkies - tribute to Malaysia's junkfood made for poor kids

3 of the most consumed junkfood when i was a kid. The last time ive eaten mami was last year.

Ms Acheness was born with a blade stuck on her head. Every weekend she's having migraine, besides pills she writes & sings her own song to kill the pain.

'Science of Sleep'- 'Babel'


luosdv said...

hahaha .. so much for a wall work huh? terbaiksss .. ^_^

Kuronoire said...

Ding Dang! Tora! I remember! ( ゚Д゚)

Shieko said...

u remember drew's face when he said he wants to do it 1st bt stil he hasnt done anything yet, that means now its jst a matter of time whos gonna do it 1st muahahhahah~*purest evil laughter

kodomo no koro mainichi takusan Junkfood tabeta yo~ datte watashi wa chotto hen ne...
nihongo no shiken ga 95%!
jozu deshou,..kondo watashi ni oshiete ne!!! hehe