Monday, December 04, 2006

JLPT test level 4

Took the JLPT test level 4 yesterday. It was a real challenge especially the 'listening' & 'reading-grammar. Need more time...confusion, confusion.

'JFKL' - 'JLSM' - 'MLC' - 'Inki'


aishoz said...


saw the new sws tees from drew's website. wah so nice lah now u guys r selling tees! gile best!! i hope i can get a hold of one of urs wen i get back. :) u drawing the kitty rite?!

Shieko said...

c'est ezhoiz,
i did the speggheti version for girls but all sold out. i'll look for more cz it sells well for girls, the one i did for Kidults it's all for guys cuttings, medium & large. i'll look for girls cuttings again soon, in the meantime got new design also, coming soon ^_^'/

Anonymous said...

promo promo them shirts abit, girl..

Shieko said...

Ha~i!! Ok boss! (^3^)/
Mari,mari! tawaran hebat!
Datanglang ke SWS TangLing,
Beli 1 dapat 1, beli 3 dapat 3,
Cepat!, Cepat! Sementara stock masih ada! Mari! mari! Dapatkan Design terkini dari SWS! Sementara Stock Masih ada! Mari! mari! SWS! ingat! SWS! Sementara Stok masih ada! Ingat! SWS!, Ya! SWS! Tawaran Hebat! SWS! ya! SWS!

Can submit for Radio awards ni...

Kuronoire said...

こんいちわ、 シエジちゃん。In regards to your exam, ばんざい!!!


Shieko said...

こんいちは!Benさん、ばんざいしました!今 しけんけっかがまっています、どきどきします。らいねんの3がつだけ出します。ありがとうございます
Now waiting for the results which is only next year March come out, quite scary,... thanks !

aishoz said...

kelakar gile
beli 1 dapat 1, beli 3 dapat 3

Shieko said...

Boss sudah marah!
i shoud update the tshirts on my website later...
aa~! Sorry boss!!!!