Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vynil / フイギユア

When i was young i tried collecting stamps, dead leaves & garfield comic strips cut from newspapers. All failed halfway...until today i didn't really have any hobby collecting whatsoever. Today there are so many people collect stuff as a hobby. The most popular ones are toys. Many guys i met collectings toys all sort of toys. Recently i met a friend who collect rare arty toys or the so called vynil toys They have this contemporary value plus its supercool cuz some are from the street artists or underground artists around the world. Personally i like Michael Lau, Gorillaz, Frank Kozik & Kaws. Here are some pix & short interview with Jeff, the collector.

S: Why you collect? which one is your favourite? (なぜ集めているの?どのおもちゃがおきにいり?)
J: Love their art. 'Dissected Kaws Companion' (これらは芸術。。。'Dissected Kaws Companion')

S: Whats the damage? (全部でいくらぐらいかかりましたか?)
J: Dissected Kaws Companion...around RM1390 inclusive shipping...everything(the collection) about more than 25K。(Dissected Kaws RM1390ぐらい、ぜんぶ 25K)

S: Huahlauweh!...what do u think of collecting stamps & collecting vynils, wats the diference?
J: vinyl is of course for underground ppl...mah, stamp is for nerdie..IMO
(うそ! きってを集めることとフイギユアを集めることと、違いはなんですか?)(きっとかっこいと思います)

S: Any advice for vynil collectors out there? (フイギユア集めるひとたちになにか忠告わありますか?)
J: buy original....especially from malaysia... if we have...(原文のおもちゃをかうこと!とくにマレーしアでは)

S:That's it? (それだけ?)
J: ...."Vinyl will kill...”

S: if theres Kaws Dissected companion stamp would you collect?(Kaws Dissectedのきってあったら集める?)
J: nope...(いいえ)

S: Thanks Jeff! (ありがとうJeffさん!)
J: cool, no probs (いいえ!)

Here are 2% of Jeff colection, some hidden behind kitchen, on shoe racks & bursting through seams of his room.


Gorillaz / Tokyo Plastic

Frank Kozik / Ron English / Scarygirl

Gary Basemen / El panda & tequila

The man behind the collection. Dissected Kaws companion / Hellboy

Plastique fantastique:
'VynilAbuse' - 'Rotofugi' - 'Myplasticheart' - 'ToyQube' - 'dpmhi' - 'Kidrobot'


aishoz said...

hey shiekokiko
my retarded friend here is interested in buying some of these vinyl in msia... where to get ah? can u ask Jeff where he gets his? n then can buy for me onnot?

Shieko said...

hey Ezhoz,
hehe, Jeff bought all those above from some of the websites listed above by credit card. Plus you have to register or que on the list to buy those stuff. Usually some of them limited to 100! so only if you're lucky. The big size of the Gorillaz is so limited, Jeff sneaking around the vynil forums & ask around & to his luck somebody announced of selling them. I'll ask Jeff where he gets the rest!

bONTOT said...

Ada juel imitation tak?? nak.. nak...

Shieko said...

ask your friend to go here:

try go Sg Wang, so many!but not the one above i guess, well, it takes time..haha