Thursday, August 17, 2006

49th Merdeka mural National Art Gallery

The experience doing the mural was quite interesting cuz this is our 1st time using scaffolding climb up & down to paint. Feels like doing the rock climbing thing & a bit like monkeys too.
Well, the proposal i wrote for the mural 2 years ago was answered recently. They called us, come up with something & we did. The wave represents the wave of change since Malaysia's 1st independence while the puzzle represent unity amongs many Malaysian races. They want to put 100 things inside which is quite madness but eventually cut down to only heritage,africulture,development,unity,sports,education,imagination & technology



vdsoul said...

Was painful work up and down the scaffold, but one hell of a fun ride huh! I enjoyed it! Yeay!

Shieko said...

now can go mountain climbing