Tuesday, July 11, 2006


New Japanese word i learn today is 'Kanazuchi'. It means person who can't swim, like me. It also means hammer, i guess you throw a hammer inside water & that's what happen to people who can't swim.

The Hiji pawa!

Other news, you can go 'here' to download my art to your mobile as wallpaper & its exhibited in selected Starbucks outlet in Digi mini gallery.

This Saturday its Malaysia's 30th Bon Odori. Surprisingly, it's same age as me. Go 'here' to see last year's event that i participated.

Link:'Belx2 new work'
'Pingmag interview with Jonathan Barnbrook'
Youtube:'Uchuu Keiji Gaban!'-Thx Rooty!


DPTH International said...


I'm a late traveller with the FFMB, I like your drawings. Very nice ... unique. Very expressive. Good job!

luosdv said...

gaga ga gagaga gaga gaga ga ga gagaga. gaga gaga ga, gagaga, ga ga.

alih suara: aku pun sama.


naj said...

seriously babe, u wrote all that japanese lines?

Shieko said...

i did,..those actually are basics, katakana/hiragana...im poor at kanji(the chinese characters)