Sunday, June 11, 2006

so sunday...



'Customers not always right'

Last weekend we went to Kuantan to paint a kindergarten. It was fun all the way. I've never been to Kuantan so this is my 1st time. Kuantan is a small town, something like Melaka but Melaka is much busier. Kuantan got nice food & the beach is amazing.'More pix here'.

Today's recommended songs are the Polypunk mixture of music and im so glad, 'Sonic youth' is out with their new album, so recommended.

Websites/blog: Daily Absurdity & Iraqi Screen. is cheap.

Books: 'Banksy's Wall & Piece'. In KL it is selling at rm149 (PageWan) which is expensive, direct conversion without tax is rm101.00. a compilation from his 3 previous books. Great ideas & execution. Strongly recommended.

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