Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Eagle & The Sun

Some interesting facts about this 2 most influential nations.
Nicked from 'Yukisan'

Japan and America: The Analysis.

-and the ignorance of the youth
neet, freeters, otaku, idol worshipping, falling in love with illusion, and their economic dependence

-and their islander's complex
strong sense of ethnic purity, treatment of foreign things, underground movements, and unstoppable stereotyping

-and future of the loner
twisted respect for europe, we aren't asians, smaller the better, and there will never be a strong leader

-and their obsession with leading a "healthy" lifestyle
dieting, working out, calorie calculations, and plastic surgeries for the body
counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, medicines, and excess optimism for the mind

-and their christian influences in the society
christian fundamentalism, fear of the vanishing end, justice and heaven, the white politicians, and the spirit of missionary

-and the collapsing empire
promotion of self-centered personality, bigger the better, and other obsessive factors

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