Monday, July 31, 2006

4th times Singapore 06

Here's an illustration of me & Boonsan having breakfast waiting for our time to check in the hotel. Boonsan was amazed by the number of Jews passing by the window near where we seated.Even she's been to Israel she didn't get to see any Jews people like the one you see on Tv or the movie 'Snatch'.


Last weekeend, when i was in Singapore Saturday night i get to watch the NHK channel until i fell asleep around 3am. Around this time, there was a show called Art-Animation by Digital Stadium, where 3 panel & 1 guest judge will choose the best home-made videclips/animation.

The guest judge "which make my eyes peeled open & jaw dropped halfway" was Marty Friedman of Megadeth. He plays the lead/rythm & accoustic guitar. Marty quits from Megadeth around the year 2000. It's amazing to hear him speaks Japanese fluently. Somehow the image of heavy metal/skull/blood/thunder about him that i knew since back then now changed. I guess he's good in what he's doing now he's gone solo & after some research he's now in Japan doing heavy promotion on his album & appear as a guests in many tv shows.Check out his 'website'

back to Art-animation he was wearing a platform boots, just like Billy Joel of Greenday. He's a bit short for gaijin but so cool to see another side of him.
You can view the home-made anime/video art submission 'here'
女の雨酒 Onna no Amazake is so funny. The creator actually play the organ, sing & create the animation all by himself.

'Radio OK Fred' have just released their episode 08. My personal favourite is the guest mix 'Vol.2 Marxy + U.T.'

じつは私ねています。。。/ Actually i'm sleeping...


Muid Latif said...

cool home made video.. i was reading then suddenly u were talking about Marty.. heheh.. ter-off topic sket' :P see u tonite at hartamas.

Shieko said...

saw u!

j o v i e t a j a n e said...

i lurf d oren bilding beb... i miss you too. i wanna go singapore too, and i miss you again.

Shieko said...

aiyoh, kesiannya kam to KL!

vdsoul said...

ngaaa ... why u go when i'm away .. i wanna go skali!! best nyer!!

Shieko said...

yeaaaa, next weekend? hahaha, just leave everything behind!